Control over the child, wherever he is

Compact children's bracelet for a child and a handy app
for parents (WEB, iOS, Android)

Children's bracelet

Works without charging 7 days

Compact, waterproof, shockproof housing

No SIM card needed, no GSM operator services required

Signal transmission from closed and basements

Easy-access SOS button and hand-held sensor

Integration with systems of access to schools and payment of meals


Parent's app for monitoring kids

iconConvenient and easy-to-use service interface

iconLocation of the child on the map

iconNotification when a child enters and leaves geofences (home, school)

iconNotification about pressing the SOS button, removing the bracelet from the hand, etc.

iconTravel route

iconViewing movement history for an unlimited period of time

Anti-Covid version with pulse oximeter

Hardware and software complex for monitoring the movement and health of people in quarantine or self-isolation mode:

iconEffectively identify those who intentionally or accidentally violate quarantine

iconTracking the health of those in quarantine zones by blood oxygen and pulse

iconTracking social interactions between healthy and potentially infected people

iconPrompt notification of control services and medical professionals for timely assistance to patients and to prevent the spread of the virus


Your loved ones are under control!

Look on the map online. Receive notifications about movements and events

Unique children's bracelet

Compact. It works for a long time. With SOS button and withdrawal sensor. Does not distract the child from classes.

Works without

The bracelet works in the secure Internet of Things (LoRaWAN) network. No GSM operator services are required.

Works anywhere

Can work without GPS satellites. Locates in buildings and even underground.

Automatic notifications

Create geofences to receive notifications when your child comes to school or returns home.

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