We invite you to cooperation:

  1. Integrators interested in using our solution in their projects. Directions:
    • child movement control. Organizations serving local areas for children (schools, pioneer camps, recreation centers, sports camps);
    • monitoring of geolocation (location and movement) and health status of personnel at production facilities;
    • control of movements and health status of people in quarantine or self-isolation during viral epidemics (COVID-19, etc.)
    • monitoring the location and health status of vacationers and tourists. Organizations serving recreation centers, attraction centers, excursions, etc.
    • tracking the location of valuable property.
  2. Investors . The project is of great social importance in improving the safety of independent movement of children and in other relevant areas. At the same time, our company can give an advantageous offer to the investor.
  3. Developers of microelectronic devices. Joint development of solutions according to the customer's specifications. The company offers to join the team of developers of a device that has significant competitive advantages and has great demand potential in the global market.
  4. Engineers engaged in the development of microelectronic devices. Microcontroller programmers (STM32). Specialists in the field of data transmission over the Internet of Things. Specialists in the design and application of antennas in compact devices. Professionals with knowledge of low power GPS receivers.
  5. All partners interested in joint development and promotion of the project.

Our partners:

  • Saratov Region Venture Fund;
  • Fund for the Promotion of Innovations (under the Start-1 and Start-2 grant support programs);
  • Skolkovo Foundation;
  • SEZ "Innopolis";
  • Ministry of Economic Development of the Saratov Region;
  • Center for the Development of Social Innovation "Technologies of Opportunities";
  • Public Organization "Union of Fathers";
  • Business incubator of the Saratov region;
  • The first private startup aggregator "1 HOUR"