Business profile of the company

Parent company - Internet People LLC

Subsidiaries - LLC "Don't be lost" (Skolkovo) , LLC "Don't be lost!" (SEZ Innopolis)

The initial goal of the company is to develop a wearable geolocation device for monitoring the movement of children and people with disabilities.

Since the company was founded, the demand for solutions for tracking the movement of children has steadily increased, and the available solutions did not provide the required accuracy, reliability and battery life. The search for modern technologies suitable for creating a new device, devoid of these shortcomings, led us to the direction of the "Internet of Things" - technologies for transmitting data over long distances with low power consumption. We have chosen the most promising LoRaWAN technology for the transmit-receive module in our device.

Development history:

  • 2015. Registration of the company "Internet of people". Launching the project.
  • 2016-2018. R&D. Development of software and hardware for the project. IP protection.
  • 2018. Development of a prototype of a wearable device. Attraction of investments from the Innovation Promotion Fund (grant) and the Saratov Venture Fund area.
  • 2019. MVP service development. Manufacturing of a pilot batch of devices. Deployment of a pilot IoT network in Saratov. IP protection.
  • 2020. Registration of a subsidiary company LLC "Do not get lost". Obtaining the Skolkovo member status.
  • 2020. Registration of a subsidiary company in the Republic of Tatarstan in Innopolis. Obtaining the status of a participant in the SEZ "Innopolis".

The project is the winner of a number of federal competitions and exhibitions in the field of technological and social projects.

Scientific and technical developments

  • The software for a "cloud" server with a map service and a Web user interface, notifications has been developed;
  • The first network of IoT base stations (LoRaWAN) in Saratov was launched and tested;
  • A prototype of a wearable device (bracelet) has been developed;
  • The interface of the observer mobile application has been developed;
  • Prototypes of the device have been produced;
  • Device and service tested successfully;
  • Software rights are registered; Certificate No. 2017662708;
  • An application for an invention has been registered. # 2019132255;


Sergey Novikov

Director of the "Internet of people" company.
Head and founder of an IT company for geolocation since 2011.

Dmitry Vorontsov

Project manager. Project manager. Founder of a number of tech startups.
Director of the company-developer of Smart Home systems.

Team members:

Total 11 specialists , including authors, a team of programmers (3 people), two development engineers, a specialist in organizational development and personnel, PR-manager and sales managers.


Our partners

The project and the company are developed with the support of:

  • Saratov Region Venture Fund (investor, 25% share, exit option);
  • of the Fund for Assistance to Innovation (under the Start-1 and Start-2 grant support programs);
  • Skolkovo Foundation (member);
  • SEZ "Innopolis" (resident);
  • Ministry of Economic Development of the Saratov Region;
  • Center for the Development of Social Innovation "Technologies of Opportunities";
  • Public Organization "Union of Fathers";
  • Business incubator of the Saratov region;
  • The first private aggregator of startups "1 HOUR"